The UP Journalism Club (UPJC) produces several student publications that provide meaningful perspectives on pertinent issues and celebrate members’ talents.

Through insightful reporting, thought-provoking analysis and creative outputs, these publications attempt to fulfill UPJC’s mission of promoting professional and ethical journalism as well as the exercise of press freedom among the next generation of media practitioners.


KRISIS is UPJC’s official publication. It offers in-depth reports and think pieces on sociopolitical issues within and outside the university. Released periodically throughout the academic year, KRISIS presents UPJC’s perspective on the national situation via news articles, analyses and editorials covering current political issues. It conveys the organization’s stances on pressing media and political matters facing the country.


Journeys is the annual literary folio of UPJC which features the creative writing prowess of its members in the form of poetry, short stories, photos and artworks.


Beyond is UPJC’s year-ender publication exploring past themes and looking ahead. Beyond aims to push boundaries, as its name suggests, by providing analytical news reports and features evaluating the top stories from the concluding year.

Also called “Beyond Propaganda,” the publication strives to augment mainstream news coverage while showcasing the members’ skills in news writing, investigative reporting, feature writing and editorial writing.

Previous issues include:

  • “The State of My Nation,” which tackled the conditions of different areas in the Philippines;
  • “The UPJC Anthology,” which featured diverse perspectives on several relevant sociopolitical issues; and
  • “The Time Card,” which reported on the experiences of journalism interns in various media outfits in the country.

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