Media Literacy Campaign

The Media Literacy Campaign is an on-ground, long-running media literacy campaign that aims to enlighten the public about the responsible consumption of media and reintroduction to journalism as a concept and as a profession.

With the use of multiple platforms, the campaign is expected to reexamine the relationship between the press and the audience as well as the former’s role in setting the national agenda, influencing public opinion and discourse, and framing matters of public concern.

This campaign aims to counter invasive disinformation architects and to scrutinize the press’s role in the country’s sociopolitical climate and history.

By developing a habit of verifying news sources, spotting fake news, determining credible news sources and healthily consuming media content, the campaign aims to empower the Filipino audience to become critical media consumers.

Alternatively, you can watch the video above using this Facebook link.

Project Byline

Project Byline is a nationwide media literacy and awareness campaign that deals with pertinent and relevant trends in the local media industry. The project consists of an online campaign, an exhibit and a forum.

It aims to impart knowledge and understanding of these issues to future media practitioners, thus for them to be aware, to be critical, and to make an action towards these issues, for the tomorrow of the media industry and its practitioners.

Project Byline started back in 2013, with its first offering, dubbed as “Tagged: You’re It,” that tackled social media ethics.